Step by step - no place for shadow!

From May 15th 2017 to May 20th in Lithuania was held public initiative “ There is no place for shadow in this country”. The main target of this initiative is to draw attention and show the damage of black economy for the whole country and for every inhabitant of it.

We are very proud, that we had the possibility to contribute to this major event in Jurbarkas District Municipality. Our company representative Toma Barauskaitė attended the event held by Jurbarkas Education Center, in which she shared our best practices: “… Only in behalf of our company’s employees we achieved such great results. And the Certificate of Transparent Business makes us even more proud of our team and its attitude towards black economy and shadow, or to be more exact, that there is no place for shadow among them and our company. So, we truly believe that the positive practice is catching, and step by step, there will be no place for shadow and black economy not only in our Company, but in the whole Country as well.”.