We design residential and non-residential buildings, communications, engineering networks, recreation areas, city squares, roads and streets, hydrotechnical structures, engineering structures for sports, for public utilities, and cultural heritage structures. We also perform energy performance evaluation for houses, buildings and appartments. more

We build and reconstruct residential and non-residential buildings, communications, engineering networks, hydrotechnical structures, engineering structures for sports or other kind of utilities, and structures of cultural heritage.


Our solutions provide stable power and water supplies as well as sewage treatment; we provide preventive inspection and repair services, eliminate faults, and provide representation with regulatory authorities. When facilities are professionally maintained, engineering equipment has a much longer lifetime.


Environment in practical meaning

For many people environment has associations with things like garbage, pollution, CO2, fumes from fabrics and cars, green peace protest and so on. A.Žilinskio ir ko UAB fell also responsible for environment saving. For example, building "LitPol Link" 400 kV air route we kept ISO 14011 environment management systems standard. In lines construction place we have founded preserving plants - Raudonoji Gegune. Mapping and registry works of preserving plants and animals by their coordinates were done in Europe Union,including Lithuania. Ourcompany's workers, customer and Lithuanian nature fond watched how Raudonoji Gegune were dug out and planted in safe territory behind the electricity line. This flower is worth these efforts because she blossoms incredible. The time was chosen also special - when the plants has finished blossoming. Total were planted 20 bushes withoutinfecting their roots.

When the electricity line will be finished also on the top of the line will be installed one of the firsts systems to scare the birds off.