Company's attitude towards business

The aim of our work is to find solutions that create value

Responsibility is the basis for successful business

We care about our clients, partners, employees and society in order to earn their trust. We strive to be a fair, transparent and socially responsible business. We are considerate of the welfare of our clients, employees and shareholders and we feel it to be our responsibility to contribute to the development of social and public projects.

Professionalism in every step

We employ only highly qualified engineers with a passion for their work. At least 80 per cent of our employees have engineering degrees or vocational engineering certificates.

Our distinctive ability to continuously develop and train our talented minds, ensures that each individual is geared to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Working with us, you can be assured that your project will be completed on time, within budget. Our experts study and discuss all details with the client in advance in order to carry out the project according to plans without the need for any modifications or for work to need to be redone.

Ultimate satisfaction of client needs

We follow the markets, therefore, we can offer our clients the innovative infrastructure solutions which meet their needs best.

In working with our clients, we carefully look at every detail in order to find all the answers for the final best and rational solution in terms of functionality and costs.

Solutions that create value

We strive to integrate the latest technologies and innovations to make sure our solutions create added value for our clients. Each project has its own specially assigned team involving experienced engineers, designers and other specialists. They share their experience and knowledge of their specific field and search for new and innovative solutions.

MIssion, vision and values


To be the leader in the Lithuanian market and to establish ourselves in international markets by employing progressive business development.


To develop and implement valuable infrastructure solutions that ensure the development of activities of a socially responsible and innovative company.


Our values not only reflect what we are but also the kind of organization we want to be. Therefore, it is important that the values of the company are clear, comprehensible and familiar to everybody within the company.


We promote the continuous improvement of our employees’ qualifications and create a culture of a learning organization. We promote creativity and innovativeness.

Integrated attitude

By integrating our long-term experience and knowledge, scientific potential, technologies and innovations we seek to ensure that the infrastructure solutions we provide create more value for our clients.


We monitor the market and the changes in it and we can therefore adjust quickly to the needs of our clients.


As a transparent company, and a responsible member of civil society, we understand the importance of monitoring the activities of the company and its impact on the environment and society. We follow the principles of a Responsible Business.

Our team

A word from the CEO

The centrepiece of a company is its people. They create the potential of the company; they open opportunities and determine its value, its development and future prospects. I am glad that we have managed to assemble a team of specialists who are not only experts at what they do but who are also passionate about their work; they look for innovative solutions and openly accept challenges.

Professionalism, responsibility, an integrated attitude and flexibility are the values of a company that are important to every employee. Mutual respect, being attuned and the constant wish to improve has brought our team to the forefront as leaders.

|I am proud of my team – people who have worked consistently and patiently and remained together in reaching common goals and creating our dream. I believe that this team is a reliable and responsible business partner.

CEO Žilvinas Žilinskis, Ph. D.

Marijus Panceris




Žilvinas Gecevičius

Property department



Saulius Maščinskas

Department of commerce



Edgaras Daniliauskas

Marketing department



Darius Kairys

Department of energetics



Kęstutis Kalkis

Department of energy grids



Gediminas Sabalius

Department of construction,

Construction marketing department



Andrius Gudaitis

Department of renovation



Tomas Gudaitis

Design department


Quality policy and sertificates

We aim to become the leader in every aspect of our business: in developing the capabilities and competencies of our team members, in investing in scientific development and social projects, in designing and building new objects of infrastructure, and in carrying out our orders. We seek to be leaders by our financial results, accomplishments, innovations and conduct in society.

To this end, we have installed an integrated system of quality, employee competence training, occupational safety and health, and environmental protection management meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards.

The Quality Management System is documented and implemented by constantly improving its effectiveness. The implementation of the system’s provisions and requirements are obligatory to all company employees.

The aim of the quality policy is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We know that our business success depends on the qualifications of our employees and their attitude towards their work. By following the four main values - Professionalism, Responsibility, Flexibility, and Integrated Attitude - we require our employees to follow these values, not only in their daily work, but also in their daily lives.