We design residential and non-residential buildings, communications, engineering networks, recreation areas, city squares, roads and streets, hydrotechnical structures, engineering structures for sports, for public utilities, and cultural heritage structures. We also perform energy performance evaluation for houses, buildings and appartments.

The design department employs more than 30 experienced certified specialists of different fields. Together with researchers they look for innovative solutions for our clients. Our teams include architects, designers, specialists in management, technology, communication, water-supply and sewage disposal, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electrotechnics, electronic communications, security alarm systems, fire alarm systems, designers of processes – control and automation, project managers for all phases of construction, quantity surveyors and financial specialists.


  • Technical projects
  • Work projects
  • Technical supervision
  • Feasibility studies on object construction/reconstruction
  • Engineering exploration and researchi

Our experience and sertificates received allow us to provide the folowing design work:

  • General part
  • Technical specifications
  • Electrical engeneering (electrical installations with voltage of up to 400kV and they relay protection, automation, and control systems)
  • Process control and automation
  • Comunications
  • Electronic comunications(telecomunications)
  • Security alarm systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Technologies
  • Architecture
  • Land plot completion (land plot plans)
  • Construction (structures)
  • Preparatory work and organisation of construction works
  • Water suply and sewerage
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Calculation of construction price
  • Economic and issues
  • Cost worksheets


We build and reconstruct residential and non-residential buildings, communications, engineering networks, hydrotechnical structures, engineering structures for sports or other kind of utilities, and structures of cultural heritage.


  • Construction and reconstruction of energy objects (overhead power lines, power substations with voltage of up to 400 kV)
  • Construction and reconstruction of water management objects (water supply and sewage collection networks, sewage plants, water treatment equipment)
  • General construction work
  • Construction and reconstruction of infrastructure objects
  • Complete “turnkey” construction

Our experience and sertificates gives us to do these works:

Power supply

  •  Overhead lines up to 400 kV
  •  Transformer substations up to 400 kV
  •  Power lines 10-0,4 kV
  •  Connection of new customers

Water supply

  •  Water and sewer networks
  •  Waste water treatment plants
  •  Reclamation
  •  Water treatment equipment

General construction

  •  Residential buildings
  •  Non-residential buildings
  •  Cultural heritage buildings
  •  Other structures


  •  Roads, streets
  •  Hiking, biking trails
  •  Squares
  •  Plantations


Our solutions provide stable power and water supplies as well as sewage treatment; we provide preventive inspection and repair services, eliminate faults, and provide representation with regulatory authorities. When facilities are professionally maintained, engineering equipment has a much longer lifetime. According to statistical data, when constructions are professionally supervised, there can be savings of up to 10 per cent in terms of energy expenditure.


  • Energy facility operation
  • Water management facility operation
  • Infrastructure facility operation
  • Supervision of construction facilities